Greg Georgiades performing on a Mervyn Davis Explorer (OOOO/Jumbo)
Greg Georgiades performing on a Mervyn Davis Explorer (OOOO/Jumbo)
Greg Georgiades performing on a Mervyn Davis Explorer (OOOO/Jumbo)

Conventional Guitars, Timeless Tunes

Conventional Guitars,
Timeless Tunes

Crafted with precision and passion, each model represents a unique blend of art and engineering, offering unparalleled musical experiences.

The world of guitars is as vast as the melodies they create. Delving into the intricacies of soundboard dynamics, string energy, and the nuances they bring to the table helps us appreciate the craftsmanship behind every strum.

Whether you are a gentle player or a forceful strummer, we have a guitar that resonates with your soul.


Increased surface area of the soundboard allows for more amplitude which favors volume and bass response.

The lower energy contained in a thin string favors small soundboards and struggle to effectively activate a large soundboard.

The high energy contained in a heavy string can easily overdrive a lightly strutted small top. A small top that is stiff enough to handle the energy in a heavy string will favor treble response.

Mervyn Davis Guitars Artist (Parlor)
Mervyn Davis Guitars Artist (Parlor)
Mervyn Davis Guitars Artist (Parlor)

A. Artist (Parlor)

The Artist is the dainty one.

While this little instrument does not tolerate abusive playing, it shines in gentle hands and under a soft touch raises a voice too big for its petit body frame.

The small, lightly braced soundboard is carefully voiced to yield maximum warmth in a design that naturally engenders treble response.

Even light gauge strings contain sufficient energy to liberate the beguiling voice of this provocative little fellow.

Mervyn Davis Guitars Braveheart (OO)
Mervyn Davis Guitars Braveheart (OO)
Mervyn Davis Guitars Braveheart (OO)

B. Braveheart (OO)

The Braveheart is the generous one.

Although at full volume it is slightly quieter than larger models, only a moderately light touch is required to yield maximum power which makes it the ideal choice for a finger style player.

Tighter sound board voicing yields a treble response that facilitates the clarity of note separation that is required for playing intricate melody lines and extended chords.

Light gauge strings exuberantly voice the lyrical soul of this graceful design.

Mervyn Davis Guitars Charmer (OM)

Charmer (OM)

The Charmer is the all rounder.

It is the perfect choice for a player whose style accommodates both flat picking and strumming but sometimes requires finger picking as well. It is designed to yield full potential volume in situations requiring more forceful playing.

The narrow waist tightens up the soundboard sufficiently to facilitate voicing that increases volume without allowing the bass response to dominate the spectrum.

Medium gauge strings are required to liberate the potential immoderation simmering within this sensual design.

Mervyn Davis Guitars Destroyer (Dreadnought)

Destroyer (Dreadnought)

The Destroyer is the powerful one.

It is the common choice for flat picking that requires punchy bass with accompanying full chord strumming and hard driven melody lines.

The increased soundboard surface area requires stiffening that only yields the full power of this robust instrument in the hands of forceful players.

Heavier gauge strings will arm this vessel of attack for full battle.

Mervyn Davis Guitars Explorer (OOOO/Jumbo)

Explorer (OOOO/Jumbo)

The Explorer is all about the bass.

This guitar in the hands of a good strummer can accompany a group of powerful singers with the voluptuousness of an orchestra.

The body size allows soundboard voicing aimed at warmth and mellowness across the full range at high acoustic volume.

String her heavily and this unstinting soul will set sail to uncharted waters of abundance.


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